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Pet Estate Planning

Many people treat their pets like family. Planning for your death is an uncomfortable subject and one people tend to avoid. Provisions are made for children and family but what about your companion pets? What would happen to your pet if you were no longer able to care for him? It’s a scary thought. One that can be particularly frightening if something unforeseen happens.

Frequently animal control facilities see this reality. Upon a person’s death, relatives are overwhelmed with closing estates and generally cannot take an additional pet into their families. The simple solution is death. A growing number of pets are euthanized because they have outlived their owner’s ability to care for them.

Information can be accessed online about estate planning and your pets. Below are some helpful links that may provide additional insight into the future of your pets and estate. ACRF does not endorse these specific sites, but posts them solely for research purposes for individuals.

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Tarlow, Breed, Hart, Murphy & Rodgers, P.C. - You, Your Estate Plan, and Your Pet (link)

Animal Legal & Historical Center - Pet Animals: What Happens When Their Humans Die? (link)

New York City Bar Association - Providing for Your Pets in the Event of Your Death or Hospitalization (link)