We are about animals. We are about saving lives.

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Animal Companion Rescue Foundation (ACRF) was founded by Dale Wintlend after witnessing aging neighbors dying and their pets being destroyed after their funerals. He was concerned about his own pets if something happened to him, and wanted to make a difference for other pet owners by providing an alternative to pet euthanization after their owners death. This was the start, and ACRF has grown since then.


Animal Companion Rescue foundation has recently completed construction of a 40 foot mobile spay / neuter clinic. Focusing on Atlanta, Fulton and the surrounding counties, we travel to areas in need to offer low-cost surgeries for anyone who wishes to fix their pet. Every year, millions of pets are euthanized because they are the result of an preventable condition - reproduction.

Many people are surprised that most of these animals euthanized are not the offspring of stray, homeless dogs and cats - these are puppies and kittens of family pets, many even purebred. The only surefire way to begin the long road to ending the destruction of these animals is to fix your pet at a young age (many veterinarians are recommending by four months old).

At ACRF, we know the importance of early spay / neuter, and it is our primary goal to perform these low cost surgeries and put an end to the number of perfectly healthy animals dying in shelters across Georgia and beyond.


ACRF offers a non-institutional option for aging, terminally ill, or incapacitated pet owners to arrange for the care of their pet since many people do not have other options for their pets. ACRF is committed to increasing awareness of this problem and encouraging and assisting owners with making appropriate arrangements. Our hope is to relieve human sadness, anxiety, and most of all, animal suffering.

Pre-planning for your pet is an easy thing to do when writing your will. Leaving your pet to ACRF guarantees its comfort and safety for life. Our facilities are designed to be like your living room, making them feel cozy while waiting for their permanent home. If they are not adopted, we will care for them for life.

Leaving your pet with ACRF not only gives you the comfort of knowing your pet is protected and ensures their continued comfort level, but monies received also benefit other animals that desperately need another chance.


  • Provide highest quality care for the animals.
  • Conduct successful spay/neuter surgeries at a low-cost to patients.
  • Adopt pets to carefully screened and matched loving homes.
  • Promote ACRF and receive public support in ending homeless pet euthanasia.
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Outreach Programs:

ACRF’s clientele and founders own pets that are rescues. Personally owning rescues, the hearts of the founders are extremely supportive of rescue endeavors. The business plan of ACRF designates a set percentage of sanctuary space to be reserved for rescues.

ACRF accepts animals from other rescue groups or from military bases where U.S. troops are being deployed without other options for their pets. We do not accept pets from the general public except for participants in the Lifetime Care Program.

In addition to providing care and adopting animals, we conduct educational programs and support spay/neuter projects. We will also form partnerships with organizations who request our assistance in helping to decrease the number of euthanizations by pooling our knowledge and available resources.

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